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[AV-1] Safe Handling and Storage of Compressed Gases (superseded by TM-1)


Informative, understandable, and well documented, this safety training video is a must for every safety conscious organization that produces, stores, transports, or uses compressed gases in any form. It is also a superior training tool for vocational and technical educational institutions at all levels. The video provides current compliance information for DOT, OSHA, and other federal regulations and can be used for meeting training requirements as outlined by these agencies.

The 27 minute program covers recommended safety practices for users, including how to safely store, handle, and use compressed gases in containers. In addition, the video highlights practices that compressed gas manufacturers follow to ensure that containers are properly filled and transported to their destinations. Finally, the video discusses the hazard classifications of gases and appropriate emergency response procedures.

safely handling, storing, and using compressed gases; practices gas manufacturers follow, safety precautions, hazard classifications, emergency response procedures, current compliance information for federal regulations

A Leader's Guide (for use in a training session), optional quiz and a verification of training certificate.

Additional copies of the Leader's Guide are available at $8 for members and $10 for nonmembers. Use item code AV-1-LG.

Available in DVD or VHS format (VHS format upon request)


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