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[AV-9] Handling Acetylene Cylinders in Fire Situations (superseded by TM-2)


Title Handling Acetylene Cylinders in Fire Situations (superseded by TM-2)
Edition 1
Published January, 1990, reaffirmed February, 2004
Status Not available to the public
Size 16 pages
Publisher CGA
Special Attributes Discontinued / Obsolete
Committee Acetylene


This safety education video is essential for fire fighters, safety personnel, welders, and every other user of acetylene cylinders. Prepared in cooperation with the National Welding Supply Association, this comprehensive video covers recommended industry procedures for safe handling of acetylene cylinders in fire situations.

construction of acetylene cylinders and pressure relief devices, parts of acetylene cylinders most likely to catch fire, how acetylene cylinders burn, handling fire situations involving acetylene cylinders, removing a leaking or burning acetylene cylinder from a building

Available in DVD or VHS format (VHS format upon request)


Category Videos     Videos and Training Materials
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