E-10: Guideline for the Maintenance of Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems in Health Care Facilities

A planned preventative maintenance program can prevent potentially hazardous conditions and unexpected loss of service. It can also reduce the economic burden of leakage and emergency repairs. This publication is intended as a starting point for the development of a planned preventative maintenance program for centrally piped medical gas and vacuum systems. It describes minimal procedures and schedules and should be supplemented with the requirements and guidelines issued by manufacturers for specific equipment.

The specifications in this publication are common to most installations. Users are encouraged to plan and schedule maintenance as required based on the conditions within a facility. A system’s compliance with all applicable federal, state or provincial/territorial, and local standards is assumed. When a system does not comply with applicable regulations, it should be brought into compliance before implementation of a preventa-tive maintenance plan.

This publication contains information on the maintenance of centrally piped medical gas and vacuum systems in hospitals and other health care facilities.

This publication does not apply to construction or repair of any component of a medical gas system.
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September 2018
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