E-11: Standard for Stationary Compressed Gas Cylinder Discharging Manifolds with Working Pressures up to 3000 psi

These requirements are for stationary cylinder discharging manifolds for compressed gases for industrial use. Manifolds are used to connect compressed gas cylinders together to supply a distribution system with a particular gas at a selected distribution pressure. The requirements cover manifolds complete to the point where they connect to a distribution system.

Three basic gas groupings are covered:
• Fuel gases (grouped as acetylene, liquefied fuel gases, and nonliquefied fuel gases) --maximum 3000 psi at 70 °F (20 684 kPa at 21.1 °C); ,
• Oxygen and air -- maximum 3000 psi at 70 °F (20 684 kPa at 21.1 °C); and
• Carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and inert gases -- maximum 3000 psi at 70 °F (20 684 kPa at 21.1 °C).

Manifolds for gases used in oxy-fuel gas systems should be installed as outlined in NFPA 51.

This publication does not cover manifolds for medical gas cylinders, for charging cylinders, or liquid withdrawal from portable cryogenic containers (DOT 4L/TC-4LM).
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February 2021
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