E-7: Standard for Medical Gas Pressure Regulators, Flowmeters, and Orifice Flow Selectors

This publication establishes minimum performance and safety requirements for medical gas pressure-regulating and flowmetering devices. These requirements are based on existing technology and represent the state of the art at the time of publication. There is no intent to discourage or impede future innovation of pressure-regulating and flowmetering devices.

This publication does not address any personnel safety or health concerns, nor does it address any environmental requirements, which can be involved in the testing or making of these devices. Each manufacturer shall address these matters relative to their operations and comply with local, state/provincial, and national regulations and laws.

This publication applies to cylinder gas-pressure regulators; pressure regulators with integrated flowmeter devices; medical gas flowmetering devices (flowmeters); pressure regulator/flowmeter and pressure regula-tor/flowgauge combinations; and orifice flow selectors used in the administration of medical gases for treat-ment, management, diagnostic evaluation, and care of patients. A pressure regulator and flowmeter used in combination shall meet the minimum requirements for each device.

This publication does not apply to pressure regulators or flowmeters used as a permanent part of a piped medical gas distribution system; pressure regulators or flowmeters used as an integral part of medical equipment, vacuum regulators, demand valves or gas mixers; cylinder valve-integrated pressure regulators; or electrical or electronic regulators or flowmeters.

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September 2018
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Medical Equipment
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