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[G-17] Phosphine


Title Phosphine
Edition 2
Published June, 2018
Status Available to the public
Size 29 pages
Publisher CGA
Special Attributes Harmonized
Committee Specialty Gases


This publication is intended for the suppliers, distributors, and users of phosphine and its handling equipment. This publication includes guidance for design of equipment, selection of cylinders and valves, handling controls, and safety practices. Guidelines on the operational steps associated with the use of phosphine and phosphine mixtures as well as fire protection, gas detection, ventilation, and related safeguards are also included. The manufacture, purification, and analysis of phosphine are beyond the scope of this publication, although the general guidance given is also relevant to these processes.

This publication was written to address the high toxicity and flammability of phosphine where the consequences of improper handling of phosphine could cause injury, death, and/or facility damage. This publica-tion provides a description of the potential hazards involved in handling phosphine and the guidelines to follow to minimize risk potential.


Category Gases     Standards & Guidelines
Keywords Phosphine
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