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[G-19.2] Standard for Natural Gas Transportation and Transfer


This publication provides general information concerning the transportation and transfer of natural gas. It is intended to provide direction for regulatory reference, safety and health hazards, and equipment intended for the transport and delivery of natural gas and is limited to the equipment that is onboard during transportation. For information regarding the additional equipment required for the specific application, see CGA G-19.1, Standard for Natural Gas Supply Systems.

This publication also gives general knowledge of maintenance, inspection and repair of natural gas transport equipment. It is intended for natural gas users, shippers, fillers, carriers, distributors, safety administrators and anyone seeking an introduction to mobile natural gas applications. More precisely it covers the following:
• transfer from the supply to the transport vehicle;
• transportation between the supply and customer facility;
• transfer from the transport vehicle to a customer facility; and
• ISO tank containers and multiple-element gas containers (MEGCs).

This publication does not cover natural gas vehicular systems or transport of natural gas by rail. The different purity grades for LNG used in transportation versus LNG to be used for pipeline gas supply are not addressed in this publication.


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Keywords compressed natural gas (CNG)  |  liquefied natural gas (LNG)  |  transportation
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