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[G-4.10] Use of Nonmetallic Materials in High Pressure Oxygen Breathing Gas Applications


This publication addresses high pressure oxygen breathing gas systems with pressures greater than or equal to 435 psi (3000 kPa) and with an oxygen content greater than 23.5% by volume. It applies in particular to nonmetallic materials which if they ignite or decompose could contaminate the gas stream with toxic products. The recommendation of this publication can be beneficially applied at pressures less than 435 psi (3000 kPa).

This publication is to be applied to high pressure customer breathing installations (for example, hospitals and homecare) where the ignition of nonmetallic materials creates an immediate risk of inhalation of toxic products. This includes all elements of that installation from cylinder valve to point of use.

This publication is not intended to apply to cylinder filling centers though it is recommended that the toxicity issue is addressed by a risk assessment of the filling system design.

NOTE—Ceramics and glass are excluded from the scope of this document.


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Keywords combustion  |  High pressure oxygen breathing gas system  |  nonmetallic materials  |  oxygen  |  Toxicity
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