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[G-4.14] Design, Manufacture, Installation, Operation, and Maintenance of Valves Used in Liquid Oxygen and Cold Gaseous Oxygen Systems


This publication covers isolation valves, control valves, check valves, pressure relief valves, drain, and vent valves in air separation units (ASUs), their backup and storage piping system, and customer station bulk storage tank systems. It addresses the design, material selection, manufacturing, cleaning, installation, operation, and maintenance of oxygen service valves operating at temperatures below –30 °C.

Valves in warm service connecting instrumentation devices are excluded from the scope of this publication. Some of the principles discussed in this publication may be used for other cold oxygen applications.


Category Gases     Standards & Guidelines
Keywords air separation plants  |  check valve standards  |  gaseous oxygen  |  oxygen  |  oxygen, liquid  |  pressure relief devices
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