G-4.7: Stationary, Electric-Motor-Driven, Centrifugal Liquid Oxygen Pumps

This publication is written as a reference when specifying stationary, electric-motor-driven, centrifugal liquid oxygen pump designs and installations, and is a guide for the operation and maintenance of this equipment. This publication is based on experience in manufacturing and operating these pumps and it is applicable to those pumps operating on liquids containing greater than 95% oxygen.

It is not intended to cover other types of pumps such as reciprocating or vehicle mounted. While many parts of this publication can be used as the basis for those other types of pumps, it is not written considering all the special features of those designs. In addition, it does not attempt to include design and installation criteria for all cryogenic pumps but focuses on those specifically related to oxygen safety.

Unless a specific risk assessment allows deviations, the user shall follow the requirements of this publication when specifying pumping equipment for oxygen-enriched liquid mediums with oxygen concentrations between 23.5 mol % and 95 mol %.

The purpose of this publication is to furnish qualified technical personnel with technical information to use in designing new liquid oxygen pump installations. It provides considerations that will enhance safe and reliable operation of liquid oxygen pumps.
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October 2019
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