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[G-5.8] High Pressure Hydrogen Piping Systems at Consumer Locations (Superseded by G-5.4)


This publication describes the specifications and general principles recommended for piping systems for high pressure gaseous (Type I) hydrogen on site from the point where hydrogen enters the distribution piping (the battery limits of the hydrogen storage system) to the point of use at service pressures of 3000 psig (20 684kPa) and above.

This publication supplements CGA G-5.4, Standard for Hydrogen Piping Systems at Consumer Locations. CGA G-5.4 is limited to service pressures less than 3000 psig, but most of the requirements also apply to high pressure hydrogen piping systems. High pressure hydrogen piping systems shall comply with the requirements of CGA G-5.4 unless a more stringent requirement is included in this publication.

The information in this publication is general in nature and is intended for designers, fabricators, installers, users, and maintainers of high pressure hydrogen piping systems as well as for safety personnel, fire departments, building inspectors, and emergency personnel. Basic information on the properties, storage, and handling of hydrogen can be found in the standards listed in CGA G-5.4 as well as NFPA 52, Vehicular Fuel Systems Code.


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