G-6.14: Standard for Carbon Dioxide Monitoring in Near Consumer and Industrial Applications

This publication is designed to assist both national standards and code setting organizations and local code authorities in their creation of code requirements associated with carbon dioxide monitoring sys-tems. This publication is also intended for carbon dioxide gas monitoring system designers and install-ers and can be of value to system users.

The primary focus of this publication is associated with assuring life safety. Although this publication addresses the requirements for an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 8-hour time-weighted average- permissible exposure limit (TWA–PEL) and other regulatory and code requirements, it is the responsibility of the user of the monitoring system to assure compliance with these requirements.

This publication addresses:
• hazards of carbon dioxide in near consumer and industrial applications (the dangerous concentrations, where they can occur and accumulate);
• both fixed carbon dioxide monitoring systems and portable monitoring devices;
• required components of the system and their intended functionality;
• recommendations for installation including locations of the component parts of a carbon dioxide detection monitoring system; and
• proper maintenance and periodic system functional verification.

This publication addresses the general regulatory requirements as presented in existing codes and also addresses communications of carbon dioxide hazards.

This publication does not include specific jurisdictional requirements and the reader is advised to determine the code requirements (e.g., National Fire Protection Association [NFPA], International Fire Code [IFC], National Board Inspection Code [NBIC]) including the specific yearly revision applicable to the jurisdiction where the facility is located.

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November 2023
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17 pages
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Carbon Dioxide
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