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[H-14] HYCO Plant Gas Leak Detection and Response Practices


This publication applies to HYCO plants. Information in this publication may also be applied to facilities, such as trailer fill stations, cylinder fill stations, electrolytic production facilities, or vehicle fueling stations.

This publication covers methodologies for prevention of, detection of, and response to flammable and/or toxic gas leaks that occur within the fence line of these facilities. Typical leak detection technologies are discussed including personal monitoring, fixed monitoring, and specialized detectors for identifying leak location. This publication also addresses the specifics of gas leaks occurring at unmanned or remotely monitored sites.

The leaks discussed in this publication are due to a loss of containment in process piping and equipment.

This publication does not cover leaks from transportation piping or components leading to flares or process vents. It does not address routine oxygen deficiency and enrichment. It also does not address fire and smoke detection in buildings.


Category Hydrogen     Standards & Guidelines
Keywords carbon monoxide  |  HYCO   |  hydrogen  |  Leak detection
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