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[H-4] Terminology Associated with Hydrogen Fuel Technologies


Title Terminology Associated with Hydrogen Fuel Technologies
Edition 2
Published October, 2013
Status Available to the public
Size 22 pages
Publisher CGA
Special Attributes
Committee Hydrogen Technology


This publication provides a description of the technologies and terminology as they apply to hydrogen fuel production, storage, transport, and use.

This publication is a single source of uniform terminology for hydrogen fuel technologies. This publication will be useful to persons involved with hydrogen production, storage, transport and use technologies, regulators, and codes and standards developers.


Category Hydrogen     Standards & Guidelines
Keywords hydrogen  |  hydrogen piping systems
Related C-18  |  G-5  |  H-1  |  H-2  |  H-3  |  P-1  |  P-11  |  P-22  |  PS-4  |  PS-7

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