H-7: Standard Procedures for Hydrogen Supply Systems

With the increased emphasis on renewable and clean energy, the hydrogen space is seeing tremendous growth both in activities and in entrants to the space. Much of that growth is taking place in near-consumer locations, such as gas stations and convenience stores, as opposed to the more traditional industrial settings historically associated with the use of hydrogen. Additionally, more personnel are becoming involved with the use of hydrogen.

This publication provides recommended best practices and standardized procedures for personnel using hydrogen supply systems. The practices and procedures are limited to bulk gaseous and cryogenic liquid hydrogen and do not address nonbulk (cylinders) supply systems. This publication addresses processes for commissioning, filling, decommissioning, maintaining, and operating hydrogen supply systems.

This publication assumes that the hydrogen supply system has been designed and installed in accordance with the appropriate codes, standards, and local permits, as well as having an emergency preparedness plan in place. Users are encouraged to read the applicable codes and standards listed in Section 6 and Section 7 before undertaking any work on a hydrogen supply system. This publication does not replace the content found in those standards but is intended to supply best practices for working around hydrogen and with equipment in hydrogen service.

This publication contains general guidelines for any equipment that is storing, processing, or transporting hydrogen that otherwise has no procedural guidance. It is not intended to replace any system-specific standards or guidelines.
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January 2024
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18 pages
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Hydrogen Technology
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