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[ISO-12963] Gas analysis — Comparison methods for the determination of the composition of gas mixtures based on one- and two-point calibration + Amd 1 (published in 2021)


ISO 12963:2017 provides methods for
- calibrating an instrument with one or two calibration gas mixtures,
- determining the composition of a gas sample, and
- evaluating the uncertainty of the composition of the gas sample in relation to the uncertainty of the composition of the calibration gases used and the contribution of the measurement process.

ISO 12963:2017 sets requirements to, and acceptance criteria for, the utilization of different measurement calibration designs with a limited (i.e. minimum) number of calibration gas mixtures used in calibration.

The methods in this document are described for amount-of-substance fractions, but are also applicable for other composition quantities (such as mass fractions, volume fractions or concentrations).


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