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[P-2] Guideline for Characteristics and Safe Handling of Medical Gases


This publication provides information about and guidance for the safe handling of compressed medical gases. It is intended to protect personnel in health care facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes, doctor and dental offices, and clinics or as otherwise defined in NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities Code.

This publication describes the properties of common medical gases, medical gas containers, and safe practices and handling of these gases.

This publication does not address the following:
• manufacture of, distribution to the customer location, or the administration of medical gases;
• oxygen 93% and nitrogen 97%, since these are health care facility manufactured or produced products; and
• oxygen concentrators or the containers filled by these devices that are used by individuals in health care facilities.


Category Protection and Safe Handling     Standards & Guidelines
Keywords air  |  carbon dioxide  |  helium  |  medical gases  |  nitrogen  |  nitrous oxide  |  oxygen
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