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[P-41] Locating Bulk Liquid Storage Systems in Courts


Title Locating Bulk Liquid Storage Systems in Courts
Edition 2
Published June, 2018
Status Available to the public
Size 8 pages
Publisher CGA
Special Attributes
Committee Bulk Distribution Equipment and Standards


This publication provides guidelines for the safe siting, installing, and operating of bulk storage systems (argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, and oxygen) in courts or enclosed courts where reduced airflow can create an oxygen-deficient or oxygen-enriched atmosphere. This publication applies to bulk cryogenic storage systems, not to gaseous compressed gas storage systems.

NOTE—Carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide are technically not considered cryogenic liquids, but their liquid storage systems are covered by this publication.

For the purpose of this publication, a bulk liquid storage system is defined by NFPA 55, Compressed Gases and Cryogenic Fluids Code or NFPA 99, Standard for Health Care Facilities.

Indoor installations are not covered by this publication.


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