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[P-45] Fire Hazards of Oxygen and Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres


The intent of this publication is to provide personnel working with oxygen, or potentially in or near oxygen-enriched atmospheres, with a high level of awareness of the fire and explosion hazards associated with these conditions. Oxygen levels less than 19.5% constitute an oxygen-deficient atmosphere and may only be entered using special precautions. See CGA SB-2, Oxygen-Deficient Atmospheres or EIGA Doc 44, Hazards of inert gases and oxygen depletion.

Appendix A is a summary of the information in this publication suitable to be produced as a pamphlet to be handed to those involved in daily operations involving oxygen or used as a supplement to safety presentations.

Appendix B lists some incidents that have taken place in recent years that can be used as examples underlining the hazards of oxygen and oxygen-enriched atmospheres.


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Keywords oxygen  |  oxygen-rich/oxygen-deficient atmosphere
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