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[P-56] Cryogenic Vaporization Systems—Prevention of Brittle Fracture of Equipment and Piping


This publication applies to cryogenic liquid supply systems, located either on a customer site or a production site, where cryogenic liquid is vaporized and is then supplied either as the primary or secondary source of gaseous product. This guideline is limited to the prevention of brittle fracture in piping and associated equipment.

The principles presented in this publication apply to any low temperature process fluid supply system where the temperature of the fluid is lower than the minimum temperature rating of the piping and/or associated equipment downstream of the vaporizer.

This publication has been written to identify the hazards associated with cryogenic liquid vaporization systems and to recommend the safeguards to be taken. It recommends safe practice for the design of new cryogenic vaporizer systems. For existing systems, a risk assessment shall be undertaken to establish if any modifications are required.