P-64: Guideline for the Location of Occupied Buildings in Industrial Gas Plants
The ignition of flammable vapor released into a congested process area or pressure energy released from process equipment failures can impact personnel located inside these buildings. This publication is intended to provide guidance specific to the industrial gas industry for the determination of location and design of both permanent and portable onsite occupied buildings to address the risks in ASU and HYCO plants.

Risk management and process safety assessment are complex subjects. Technology for determining the location of occupied facility buildings is still evolving. Some aspects of this technology require the application of technical judgment as well as proven scientific methodologies. It is the intention that this document be used by qualified personnel. Qualified personnel are those who have sufficient training and experience in hazard identification and risk assessment.

While this publication is intended to provide an overview of the processes and evaluations used to determine safe location of occupied buildings, it is not intended to be a strict, prescriptive requirement. As individual company processes, risk targets, facility layouts, and safety procedures vary, each facility should be evaluated individually to ensure safe location of occupied buildings.
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February 2014
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