P-67: Guideline for the Safe Transport of Medical Oxygen or Oxygen Concentrators for Personal Use in Public and Commercial Transportation

This guideline provides information for the compressed gas industry and operators of public and commercial vehicles who will be transporting users of medical oxygen on the safe storage and handling of medical oxy-gen. It addresses medical oxygen in high pressure cylinders and liquid oxygen containers as well as medical oxygen produced by oxygen concentrators. See the figures in Appendix A for examples of these types of medical oxygen containers and devices.

This publication includes guidance on the properties and hazards of oxygen and the segregation and securing of cylinders/containers in passenger and cargo areas. It should not be assumed that all applicable safety and security precautions or regulations are presented in this publication.

Public and commercial vehicles are those intended for the transportation of passengers. Examples include but are not limited to aircraft, trains, buses, cruise ships, taxis, and shuttles. Vehicles not covered in this publication are personal vehicles and those for emergency response including ambulances and fire trucks.

This publication does not address oxygen that is carried or generated on public and commercial transportation for emergency purposes or that has not been prescribed for personal use.
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April 2017
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