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[P-8.1] Safe Installation and Operation of PSA and Membrane Oxygen and Nitrogen Generators


This publication is a guide that applies to safety in the location, installation, operation, and maintenance of certain oxygen and nitrogen generators. Included are systems using PSA and membranes for nitrogen pro-duction, PSA and VSA for oxygen production, and catalyst-based oxygen re-moval systems for nitrogen purification. For systems using cryogenic technologies for the production of nitrogen, oxygen, or both, see CGA P-8.

Emphasis has been placed on equipment and operational features that are unique to these system processes. Limited coverage has been given to plant equipment such as air compressors used in other industrial applications and for which safe practices in design, installation, and use have already been established elsewhere. While important supplemental equipment such as in-plant transfer piping is included, liquid backup for pipelines and cylinder filling facilities that are an adjunct to some oxygen and nitrogen generators are not covered. Also, coverage is not extended to equipment such as product transmission piping outside the generator boundaries.

Further, as this publication is not intended as a universal safe practices manual for specific design and safety features, it is important to refer to the operating manuals of the equipment supplier.


Category Protection and Safe Handling     Standards & Guidelines
Keywords generator  |  nitrogen  |  non cryogenic ASU  |  oxygen
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