P-8.10: Industrial Gas Pipeline Integrity Management
This publication covers the integrity of industrial gas transmission pipelines for gaseous nitrogen, oxygen, argon, helium, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and Syngas. This publication addresses the integrity of industrial gas pipelines in the public domain including maintenance and operation as appropriate.

This publication covers active or in-service pipelines. Out of service or abandoned pipelines are not covered in this publication. However, the information contained in this publication may be applicable to those pipe-lines.

This publication addresses land-based pipelines and does not specifically address offshore pipelines.

This publication does not cover:
• Carbon dioxide, steam, natural gas, or water;
• Liquid pipelines;
• Pipelines fabricated from nonmetallic material such as plastic or composite material; and
• Design of pipelines. For information on design, see CGA G-5.6; CGA G-5.7; and CGA G-4.4.

To the extent that they exist, national laws can supersede the practices included in this publication. It should be noted that all local regulations, tests, safety procedures, or methods are not included in this publication and that abnormal or unusual circumstances could warrant additional requirements.
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February 2021
Available To the Public
27 pages
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Atmospheric Gases and Equipment
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