P-8.6: Unmanned Air Gas Plants—Design and Operation
The purpose of this publication is to provide guidelines for the design, operation, and maintenance of a plant that will have unmanned or remote operations.

Unmanned or remotely operated plant functionality can range from a plant with full remote functionality, i.e., satellite plant controlled by a remote operating center (ROC) to a plant with autonomous operation.
The installations that are included in this publication are:

• cryogenic air separation plants;
• cryogenic nitrogen generators;
• noncryogenic plants (pressure swing absorption, vacuum pressure swing absorption, membrane, etc.,) for oxygen and nitrogen;
• pipeline compression stations;
• compressed dry air facilities; and
• back-up systems and site storage, if existing and integrated with the production unit.

Specifically excluded are product supply tanks installed at a customer’s premises, home care units (for example, concentrators), and noncryogenic plants with a capacity of 5 ton (5000 kg) per day or less. For noncryogenic plants from 5 ton (5000 kg) per day to 20 ton (20 000 kg) per day, a risk assessment shall be carried out to identify which requirements of this publication apply.
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July 2015
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