P-8.9: Bulk Liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Argon Storage Systems at Production Sites

This publication specifically covers storage installations on production sites where the storage tank is flat-bottom constructed, is connected to the production process plant, and the individual tank capacity is greater than 125 000 liters.

The information contained in this publication applies only to new installations designed after the publication of this document and not to existing installations. However, the information contained in this publication may benefit existing installations or those in the project phase.
Specific requirements for loading systems can be found in CGA P-31, Liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Argon Cryogenic Tanker Loading Systems.

For flat-bottom storage tanks not connected to a production process plant, the requirements of this publication shall be met. For vacuum-insulated tanks or other storage configurations, see Appendices A and B.

This publication provides guidance for those persons directly associated with the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of bulk cryogenic liquid storage systems. The intent of this publication is to ensure that a minimum, uniform level of safety is provided throughout the industrial gas industry for the protection of the public and industry employees. Users of this publication should recognize that it is presented with the understanding that it cannot take the place of sound engineering judgment, training, and experience.

The information presented does not supplant, but is intended to complement, national and local regulations and codes of practice such as the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) publications CP20, Bulk liquid oxygen storage at production sites and CP22 Bulk liquid argon or nitrogen storage at production sites.

This publication presents recommendations to reduce the possibility of large releases of stored cryogenic fluids from a storage system through installation of protective equipment and instrumentation, equipment inspection and testing, and storage system design criteria.

It is the intent of this publication to emphasize prevention of releases. However, this publication provides basic information about mitigation of releases even if they are unlikely.
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August 2020
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