P-82: Standard for Maintenance of Transfer Hoses

This publication provides industry wide procedures for the inspection and testing of transfer hoses. It is a standard for transfer hose users when establishing inspection procedures and contains acceptance criteria appropriate for use during product transfers and routine maintenance. This publication represents the best industry practice currently available, but does not cover every possible hose design, installation, or compressed gas.

This publication applies to bulk compressed gas or cryogenic liquid product delivery and vapor return hose assemblies that are temporarily connected between the tank or any tank-mounted accessory and the point of supply or receipt during loading or off-loading.

This publication does not cover:
• cylinder pigtails;
• hose assemblies such as flexible joints or expansion joints in rigid piping systems that are part of the piping system and are pressure tested in accordance with ASME B31.3; or
• hose assemblies for hydrogen, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, or other fueling applications where the compressed gas or cryogenic fluid is transferred from a stationary vessel to a motor vehicle, fork truck, or other vehicle used for transportation.
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July 2019
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