P-91: Plant Integrity Management

This publication gives general guidance on integrity management of process plants including, but not limited to, air separation plants, HYCO plants, cylinder filling plants, and carbon dioxide, acetylene, and nitrous oxide plants. The goal is to keep hazardous fluids and energy contained in order to maintain safe working conditions for personnel and prevent unacceptable environmental releases. The information contained in this publication applies to both new and existing equipment. Integrity management starts when the equipment is first put into service and continues throughout its lifecycle.

This includes:
• piping;
• static and rotating equipment;
• equipment civil structures and foundations;
• electrical, control, and instrumentation equipment;
• pressure vessels; and
• combinations thereof.

The user is cautioned that this publication is not a design handbook and does not exclude the need for competent engineering judgement and interpretation. To the extent that they exist, national laws may supersede the information included in this publication.

This publication does not give guidance on plant reliability or efficiency.
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July 2021
Available To the Public
21 pages
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Harmonized with EIGA Doc 190
Atmospheric Gases and Equipment