P-92: Standard for Portable Liquid Nitrogen Pumper Systems

This standard contains minimum requirements for siting, selecting equipment for, installing, filling, starting up, operating, maintaining, and removing portable liquid nitrogen pumper systems, referred to as pumper systems in this publication.

Pumper systems can be built as any of the following configurations:
• Truck systems, where the pumper system is mounted on a straight or bobtail truck that fully supports itself with front and rear axles. The truck is driven to the customer site and parked as a complete unit;
• Semi-trailer systems, where the pumper system is mounted on a semi-trailer that supports itself only on the rear axles and the front is supported by a truck. The semi-trailer is driven to the customer site, may be disconnected from the truck, and parked without the truck; and
• Skid-mounted systems, where the pumper system is mounted on a framework that is delivered on a semi-trailer and unloaded for use at the customer site.

The scope is limited to truck and semi-trailer systems and does not include skid-mounted systems.

This standard does not apply to pumper systems that supply gases other than nitrogen.
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July 2022
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