S-1.1: Pressure Relief Device Standards-Part 1-Cylinders for Compressed Gases

This standard applies to the selection of PRDs for a single component compressed gas in cylinders. For selection of PRDs for compressed gas mixtures in cylinders, see CGA S-7, Standard Method for Selecting Pressure Relief Devices for Compressed Gas Mixtures in Cylinders [5].

This standard does not cover PRD requirements for CTC/DOT-4L and TC-4LM insulated cylinders containing cryogenic liquids, see CGA S-1.2, Pressure Relief Device Standards—Part 2—Portable Containers for Com-pressed Gases [6]. This standard does not cover PRD requirements for multi-unit tank car tanks (DOT106A/TC106A and DOT110A-W/TC110A), see 49 CFR 179.300-15 and CGSB 43.147, Construction, Modification, Qualification, Maintenance, and Selection and Use of Means of Containment for the Handling, Offering for Transport, or Transporting of Dangerous Goods by Rail, as appropriate [1, 7].

This standard includes tables that provide information pertaining to PRDs.

For PRD standards for bulk transport containers and stationary storage containers, see CGA S-1.2 and CGA S-1.3, Pressure Relief Device Standards—Part 3—Stationary Storage Containers for Compressed Gases [6, 8].

Previous edition cited in 49 CFR. Previous edition cited in 29 CFR.
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February 2022
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