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[S-1.2] Pressure Relief Device Standards-Part 2-Portable Containers for Compressed Gases


This part of the Pressure Relief Device Standards presents the minimum requirements recommended by CGA for pressure relief devices (PRDs) being used on portable containers for compressed gases that comply with the specifications and charging and maintenance regulations of the U.S. DOT or the corresponding specifications and regulations of Transport Canada.

The purpose of this publication is to complement the requirements of various regulations, codes, standards, or specifications applicable to portable containers. In case of conflict, the requirements of the regulations, codes, standards, or specifications of the authorities having jurisdiction over such portable containers shall apply. It is recommended that portable containers fabricated after December 31, 1995, use PRDs that meet the requirements of this edition.

Previous editions cited by DOT and OSHA.


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Keywords cargo & portable tanks  |  cargo tanks  |  DOT Reg 173.318  |  pressure relief devices
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