TB-27: Recommendations for CG-7 Pressure Relief Valves Used in Propylene Service
The intent of this technical bulletin is to raise awareness within the compressed gas industry of the potential for the discharge of propylene from a CG-7 PRV if the 260 psig (18 bar) service pressure propylene cylinder and contents are exposed to elevated temperatures. This technical bulletin addresses CG-7 PRVs attached directly to the cylinder or as an integral part of the cylinder valve when used in propylene service and includes recommendations for the PRV start-to-discharge pressure for a 260 psig (18 bar) service pressure cylinder, seat materials, inspection and maintenance, activation indicators, and markings.

This technical bulletin does not address PRV requirements for DOT-39 and TC-39M cylinders. It is beyond the scope of this technical bulletin to present detailed information on the proper storage, handling, and maintenance of the overall propylene cylinder package.
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May 2014, reaffirmed September 2020
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