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[TM-6] eLearning: Filling of High Pressure Industrial Gas Cylinders


This training is intended for cylinder fillers and handlers who are new to the industry and unfamiliar with the requirements and hazards of filling and handling of high pressure industrial gas cylinders.

This training covers the following areas:
• Atmospheric gases (argon, nitrogen, oxygen) properties and hazards;
• Cylinder filler qualification and training;
• Cylinder filler personal protective equipment or PPE;
• Cylinder and valve types;
• Cylinder markings;
• Prefill cylinder inspection;
• Filling cylinders;
• Labeling;
• Documentation; and
• Handling and storing of full cylinders.


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Keywords argon  |  atmospheric gases  |  cylinder filling  |  cylinders  |  high pressure aluminum cylinders  |  nitrogen  |  oxygen
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