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[V-21-1] Torque Guidelines for Sealing CGA Valve Outlet Connections (Formerly TB-14)


Title Torque Guidelines for Sealing CGA Valve Outlet Connections (Formerly TB-14)
Edition 1
Published February, 2019
Status Available to the public
Size 3 pages
Publisher CGA
Special Attributes
Committee Cylinder Valve


This publication provides fillers and users of compressed gases with torque guidelines for sealing various CGA cylinder valve outlet connections except for the 630/710 connections covered in CGA V-17, Guideline for Handling and Use of CGA 630/710 Series Ultra High Integrity Service Connections, medical yoke connections, medical DISS connections, scuba connections, and residual pressure valve (RPV) connections. By following these guidelines, users can expect to reduce leaks and damage to the connections.


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