V-9: Compressed Gas Association Standard for Compressed Gas Cylinder Valves

This standard covers cylinder valve design, manufacture, and use including performance requirements such as operating temperature limits, pressure ranges, and flow capabilities. It also includes requirements such as materials, inlet and outlet connections, cleaning, qualification and production testing, maintenance, and reconditioning. This standard also includes guidelines and requirements for the design, material selection, testing, and marking of cylinder valve protection caps. This standard is intended for valves for compressed gases packaged in U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and Transport Canada (TC) cylinders.

This standard provides information on valve selection, valve use guidelines, and valve protection caps (see Appendix A, Appendix B, and Section 10, respectively).

This standard does not prejudice the continued use of valves in service or in inventory at a manufacturer's or user's site that were manufactured before the effective date of this standard provided the valves are identifiable to the original valve manufacturer and traceable to a manufacturing period. The identifying marks shall be permanent and visible on an installed valve.

This standard does not prohibit the use of valves that are Listed.

This standard does not apply to:
• Cylinder valves used with nonrefillable cylinders (such as DOT-39, TC-39M, and nonrefillable cylinders manufactured under special permits or equivalency certificate);
• Self-closing cylinder valves installed on refillable cylinders that comply with ISO 17879;
• Cylinder valves used in DOT-2P and DOT-2Q (TC-2P and TC-2Q) cylinders;
• Cylinder valves with an integrated pressure regulator (VIPR) used for medical purposes. See CGA E-18, Medical Gas Valve Integrated Pressure Regulators;
• Pressure regulating portion of valves with integrated pressure regulators (VIPRs) for nonmedical purposes. The shutoff valve portion shall comply with this standard;
• Cylinder valves on DOT-4L (TC-4LM) cylinders;
• Cylinder valves in refrigerated liquid service;
• Cylinder valves on DOT/TC/UN cylinders (tubes) that are mounted to a chassis or framework for road transportation; and
• Quick release cylinder valves (for example, for fire-extinguishing, explosion protection, and rescue applications) that comply with ISO 17871.
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