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C-28 1 26 Sep 2019 Guideline for Heat Exposure Indicating Systems on Aluminum Alloy Cylinders (Formerly SB-22)
C-29 1 08 Nov 2019 Standard for Design Requirements for Tube Trailers and Tube Modules (Formerly TB-25)
C-6.2F 7 04 Mar 2019 Norme concernant l'inspection visuelle et la requalification des bouteilles à gaz haute pression renforcées de fibres (C-6.2, 2013 Edition, French)
C-1 11 01 Feb 2016 Methods for Pressure Testing Compressed Gas Cylinders
C-3 8 01 May 2019 Standards for Welding on Thin-Walled, Steel Cylinders
C-5 7 10 Nov 2010 Wall Stress Requalification Criteria for High Pressure Seamless Steel Cylinders
C-6 12 19 Aug 2019 Standard for Visual Inspection of Steel Compressed Gas Cylinders
C-6.1 7 19 Aug 2019 Standard for Visual Inspection of High Pressure Aluminum Alloy Compressed Gas Cylinders
C-6.2 8 01 Oct 2019 Standard for Visual Inspection and Requalification of Fiber Reinforced High Pressure Cylinders
C-6.3 4 01 Jul 2019 Standard for Visual Inspection of Low Pressure Aluminum Alloy Compressed Gas Cylinders
C-6.4 4 31 Oct 2012 Methods for External Visual Inspection of Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) and Hydrogen Gas Vehicle (HGV) Fuel Containers and Their Installations
C-6.1F 6 24 Jun 2016 Normes Concernant L'inspection Visuelle des Bouteilles à Gaz Comprimé Haute Pression en Alliage D'Aluminium (C-6.1, 2013 Edition - French)
C-6.3F 3 15 Sep 2015 Norme Pour L’inspection Visuelle des Bouteilles À Gaz Basse Pression en Alliage D'Aluminium (C-6.3, 2013 Edition -French)
C-7 11 16 Apr 2020 Guide to Classification and Labeling of Compressed Gases
C-8 8 06 Nov 2017 Standard for Requalification of DOT-3HT, CTC-3HT, and TC-3HTM Seamless Steel Cylinders
C-9 6 26 Sep 2019 Standard Color Marking of Compressed Gas Containers for Medical Use
C-10 6 18 Jun 2019 Guideline to Prepare Cylinders and Tubes for Gas Service and Changes in Gas Service
C-11 6 07 Nov 2019 Practices for Inspection of Compressed Gas Cylinders at Time of Manufacture
C-12 7 24 Jan 2020 Qualification Procedure for Acetylene Cylinder Design
C-13 7 19 Jan 2018 Standard for Periodic Visual Inspection and Requalification of Acetylene Cylinders
C-14 5 24 Jan 2020 Procedures for Fire Testing of DOT Cylinder Pressure Relief Device Systems
C-15 6 24 Jan 2020 Cylinder Performance Tests
C-16 3 11 Dec 2014 CGA Cylinder Registration Program for Cylinder Owner Symbols
C-16.1 3 26 May 2015 CGA Cylinder Owner's Registration Symbols and Company Names
C-17 2 11 Dec 2014 Methods to Avoid and Detect Internal Gas Cylinder Corrosion
C-18 4 17 May 2019 Methods for Acoustic Emission Requalification of Seamless Steel Compressed Gas Tubes
C-20 3 19 Apr 2021 Requalification Standard for Metallic, DOT and TC 3-Series Gas Cylinders and Tubes Using Ultrasonic Testing
C-21 3 21 Oct 2015 Standard for Design, Qualification, and Testing of Pressure Vessels for Portable, Reversible Metal Hydride Systems
C-22 2 22 Jun 2018 Water Corrosion of Composites Cylinders with AA6061 Liners
C-23 2 22 Jan 2018 Standard for Inspection of DOT/TC 3 Series and ISO 11120 Tube Neck Mounting Surfaces