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SA-32 1 11 Jul 2019 Safety Alert, Hazards of Compressed Gas Cylinders in the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Environment
SA-33 1 08 Nov 2019 Safety Alert, Potential of Carbonated Beverage Systems to Create a Life-Threatening Environment
SA-34 1 20 Feb 2020 Safety Alert, Blended Breathing Air Fatalities
SA-35 1 27 Mar 2020 Safety Alert, Cleaning of Cylinders Returned from Health Care Facilities During a Pandemic
SA-36 1 08 Apr 2020 Safety Alert, Cylinder and Cryogenic Container Issue Related to Cylinder Conversion and Filling During the COVID-19 Crisis
SA-37 1 17 Apr 2020 Safety Alert, Medical Oxygen Supply System Issues During the COVID-19 Crisis
SA-38 1 21 Oct 2020 Safety Alert, Potential for Hidden Cryogenic Liquid Cylinder Contamination
SA-39 1 07 May 2021 Safety Alert, Incorrect use of Valve Outlet Connections and Backflow Contamination
SA-2 2 26 Nov 2003 Safety Alert, Acetylene
SA-20 1 04 Aug 2008 Safety Alert, Use of Nitrogen NF for Surgical Air Tools
SA-23 1 20 Aug 2012 Safety Alert, Acetylene Cylinders Missing Required Markings
SA-24 1 18 Sep 2012 Safety Alert, Emergency Medical Services Filling Oxygen or Air for Human Respiration
SA-29 1 10 May 2017 Safety Alert, Hazards of Liquid Nitrogen in Near-Consumer Applications
SA-30 1 17 Oct 2017 Safety Alert, Handling Cylinders After Natural Disaster Exposure
SA-31 1 17 Oct 2017 Safety Alert, Receiving Cylinders After Natural Disaster Exposure