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Valve Connections
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V-21 1 14 Feb 2019 Torque Guidelines for Sealing CGA Valve Outlet Connections (Formerly TB-14)
V-22 1 16 Jun 2020 Guidelines to Address Potential Hazards of Quick Release Cylinder Valves Used in Firefighting Systems (Formerly SB-39)
V-23 1 30 Jun 2020 Standard for Cylinder Connections on Portable Cryogenic Liquid Cylinders (Formerly SB-26)
V-24 1 25 Sep 2020 Guideline for Use of Gaskets in High Pressure Medical Oxygen Cylinder Service (Formerly TB-29)
V-1 14 13 Sep 2019 Standard for Compressed Gas Cylinder Valve Outlet and Inlet Connections
V-5 7 24 May 2019 Standard for Diameter Index Safety System (Noninterchangeable Low Pressure Connections for Medical Gas Applications)
V-6 6 04 Dec 2014 Standard Bulk Refrigerated Liquid Transfer Connections
V-7 6 12 Nov 2015 Standard Method of Determining Cylinder Valve Outlet Connections for Industrial Gas Mixtures
V-7.1 2 17 May 2011 Standard Method of Determining Cylinder Valve Outlet Connections for Medical Gases
V-9 8 15 Nov 2019 Compressed Gas Association Standard for Compressed Gas Cylinder Valves
V-10 7 14 Nov 2019 High Pressure Gas Trailer Connections
V-11 3 19 Apr 2018 Guideline for the Installation of Valves into High Pressure Aluminum Alloy Cylinders
V-12 3 16 Jun 2020 Leak Detection Fluids Use with Gas Cylinder Packages
V-14 2 05 Nov 2018 Performance Standard for Sealing Gaskets Used on CGA 870 Connections for Medical Oxygen Service at a Maximum Service Pressure of 2216 psi
V-15 1 26 May 2016 Use of Residual Pressure Valves
V-16 1 27 Sep 2016 Guideline for the Application of CGA Publications to Cylinder Valves
V-17 1 27 Sep 2016 Guideline for Handling and Use of CGA 630/710 Series Ultra High Integrity Service Connections (Formerly TB-9)
V-18 1 27 Sep 2016 Standard for Required Markings and Manufacturer Identification on Post-Type Medical Cylinder Valves (Formerly TB-20)
V-19 1 20 Mar 2018 Marking Requirements to Mitigate Potential Cylinder and Cylinder Valve Thread Mismatches (Formerly TB-16)