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P-85 1 13 Oct 2020 Guideline for Use of CGA-341 and TC-341 Cryogenic Trailers in the United States and Canada
G-5.5 4 14 Apr 2021 Standard for Hydrogen Vent Systems
H-3 3 30 May 2019 Standard for Cryogenic Hydrogen Storage
P-8 6 09 Jun 2020 Guideline for Safe Practices for Cryogenic Air Separation Plants
P-8.3 4 13 Dec 2017 Perlite Management
P-8.6 2 10 Jul 2015 Unmanned Air Gas Plants—Design and Operation
P-8.7 1 18 Nov 2016 Safe Location of Oxygen and Inert Gas Vents
P-8.8 2 12 Dec 2017 Safe Design and Operation of Cryogenic Enclosures
P-30 4 29 Jan 2020 Guideline for Portable Cryogenic Liquid Containers—Use, Care, and Disposal
P-31 4 02 Feb 2021 Liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Argon Cryogenic Tanker Loading Systems
P-35 1 26 Feb 2001 Guidelines for Unloading Tankers of Cryogenic Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Argon
P-40 4 06 Sep 2017 Calculation Method for the Analysis and Prevention of Overpressure During Refilling of Cryogenic Tanks with Rupture Disk(s)
P-41 2 05 Jun 2018 Locating Bulk Liquid Storage Systems in Courts
P-48 1 07 May 2014 Reciprocating Cryogenic Pumps and Pump Installations
P-56 2 18 Dec 2014 Cryogenic Vaporization Systems—Prevention of Brittle Fracture of Equipment and Piping
P-59 2 05 Feb 2015 Prevention of Excessive Pressure During Filling of Cryogenic Vessels
P-69 1 16 Apr 2018 Guideline for Emergency Response to Cryogenic Liquid Releases
P-75 1 18 Jan 2018 Standard for Proper Handling of Insulated Tanks That are in Obvious Signs of Loss of Vacuum (Formerly SB-45)
PS-56 1 26 Sep 2018 CGA Position Statement on Internal Inspection of Stationary Vacuum-Jacketed Storage Tanks for Cryogenic and Refrigerated Liquids